This is Now

by Awake

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released September 29, 2013

Recorded and Mastered By: João Brogueira (Alce Collective)



all rights reserved


Awake Lisbon, Portugal

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Track Name: Intro/Empty Words
Do you expect me to forget
all that i've learnt, the goals we've set
and just pretend it meant anything?
More than music, a message within
the values, the struggle and humility
never been about the amount of ink under your skin

How does it feel? to become what you used to despise
Memories of who you were back then seem so far behind
Was it only just a phase? everything that you stood for..
and all those words you said, nothing but empty words (JUST EMPTY WORDS!)

You've walked away, you're out of sight
and I tried, I tried, I tried, I fucking tried
to understand the reason why you turned your back
and it hurts to see how you've changed
but i guess.. i guess i'm to blame
for fooling myself that we felt the same

You've grown old and made your choice
but don't criticize those who still hold true!
i refuse to follow the same path as you
'cause this still makes sense to me!
choke on your words! your empty words!
choke on your words, your empty fucking words!
Track Name: Is there any reason?
Is there any reason for so much hate?
We must see beyond the differences and communicate!
How can you wave your flag and preach equality?
when it only stands for prejudice and supremacy.
discrimination based on ethnicity
I Reject your views of (a predominant race and) a superior nation.
Intolerance towards homossexuality
i hold you responsible, for all their pain and humiliation!

No more Nationalism, smash Fascism
we'll bring down this wall!
brick by brick
we'll make it fall!
Enough of Homophobia, Racism
we'll tear down this wall!
we'll watch it fall!

Let these flames consume your flag, and search deep inside
Turn the hatred in your eyes into compassion in your heart!
Track Name: Time To Change
Another week passed by...
Do you feel alive, are you satisfied?
Hoping for better days...
From this vicious cycle we need to escape!

Running in circles, trapped in a routine
Sittin' around at home glued to a tv screen
When there's so much to see, so much to do
Make the most, It's up to you!

It's time to change, to break free!
I'll live my life the way that's right for me
'Cause it all moves so fast, won't look back
unfulfilled and with regrets.

Now a year passed by...
You're dead inside, unsatisfied.
Still hoping for better days...
but those won't come unless you change.

As frustration grows you fall into despair
Always in a rush, going nowhere.
Slowdown, and set the pace
Lift up your head and live each day!

As time flies
Will you stand still?
Our lives mean so much more
Every moment counts!

Are you willing to try
To break this chains?
Make that effort
It's time to change!
Track Name: Don't Need
I don't need to depend on substances
to help me get through another day.
ups and downs, both parts of life
I'll face my problems conscious and awake!

Clear minded, positive!
How I choose to be... Poison Free!
This X on my hand, won't fade away!
The straight edge spirit, is here to stay!

I don't need your drugs, don't need that shit
Not looking for acceptance, neither a place to fit in.
This peer pressure makes you unable to think
Always remember, that it's ok not to drink!

you say it won't last, you call it a trend
you say that someday it will come to an end.
but this is my life, how i choose to be
I'll Hold my ground, and remain drug free!